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Baseball Net

Manufacturing process of net

Hyper MZX Net

Great Weather Resistance Outstanding Toughness High Wear Resistance

Hyper MZX net is made up of by Honeywell’s Spectra fiber.
Spectra fiber is one of the worLd’s strongest and Lightest fiber. It is ftfteen times stronger than steeL, more durable than polyestel and has aspecific strength that is 40 percent greater than aramid fiber.
With outstanding toughness and extraordinary visco-elastic properties,Spectra fiber can withstand high-load strain-rate velocities.

Endurance Test to Evaluate Hyper MZX

Nets Production Process

Hyper MZX Net Hyper MZX Knotlesss Netting Shock-resistant Test

The test consist of 2m x 2m section of nets strung tightly on a fixed metal framework, which was then fired upon by a 100mph fastball from a pitching machine 18 feet away.
Place:Uenomiya Taishi Highschool

·Testing Result(1780decitex/6ply 40mm):
1300balls strikes in the same area with no failure

Strength comparison between knotless and knot net thread (1513:772)

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